A role-playing game featuring musical themes with an affinity for the sick and righteous. The story revolves around a deadly battle of the bands contest, where entrants can attack and be attacked with music.

"It’s a joy exploring Deathbulge’s charming cartoony world, listening to its excellent soundtrack, meeting its quirky inhabitants and battling weird foes. An RPG adventure that’s more about having fun than grinding and stats."

"The Deathbulge demo feels a bit like Double Fine’s earlier RPGs like Costume Quest, plus a dash of Brutal Legend and a whimsical sense of humour. This is heavy metal at its silliest."

Calum Fraser

Alpha Beta Gamer

Dominic Tarason

Rock Paper Shotgun


Engage in a musically inspired active-turn based combat system where every second counts. Swap between characters in-between turns to take advantage of character attributes and harness the power of unique BAR effects.


Customise your band with up to NINE unique character classes, each specializing in a different area of combat. Whether you want to go ALL OUT with a mash-up of glass cannons like SHOW-OFF and HEADBANGER or DOUBLE DOWN on defense with WELL-TONED and GOTH, the choice is YOURS.


Locked doors? NO PROBLEM. Kick down every single door you come across. The same goes for treasure chests too, locked or not. Build your kicking strength over the course of the adventure and break down POWERFUL doors.

Deathbulge: Battle of the Bands is a collaborative effort between Dan Martin and Five Houses; two friends who grew up together making games.

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