A turn-based RPG where you play as DEATHBULGE, a 3-piece band of dysfunctional goofballs who unknowingly stumble into a cursed battle of the bands contest, where all entrants can attack with music and must fight to the death.

"It’s a joy exploring Deathbulge’s charming cartoony world, listening to its excellent soundtrack, meeting its quirky inhabitants and battling weird foes. An RPG adventure that’s more about having fun than grinding and stats."

"The Deathbulge demo feels a bit like Double Fine’s earlier RPGs like Costume Quest, plus a dash of Brutal Legend and a whimsical sense of humour. This is heavy metal at its silliest."

Calum Fraser

Alpha Beta Gamer

Dominic Tarason

Rock Paper Shotgun


Engage in Deathbulge's never-before-seen blend of turn-based and real-time combat, what happens between turns is just as action-packed as the turns themselves! Enter MEASURE EFFECTS - status effects that exist on the time gauge that characters cross to get their turn.

You can also swap your active character in real-time as much as you like between turns OR on your turn, to decide who gets to DEAL with it.


Customise the band with 9 musically-themed classes to choose from, each with their own attacks, perks and COOL OUTFIT. Dazzle your foes with lightning speed and high-risk attacks as a SHOW-OFF or recklessly deal huge damage at the cost of damaging yourself as a HEADBANGER.


Kick down every single door you come across. If you're gonna rudely enter every RPG house despite lack of invite, might as well enter in style.

Deathbulge: Battle of the Bands is a collaborative effort between Dan Martin and Five Houses; two friends who grew up together making games.

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